Thanksgiving smackoff at the Mora house

First Jim Mora (Sr.) calls Mike Vick a “coach killer.”

“It worries me a little bit because my son is the head coach down there,” Mora added. “But he’s a great athlete, my son likes him a lot, he’s a good kid. But he’s not a passer. And you need a passer at quarterback to be successful consistently in the National Football League. And he ain’t getting it done in that category.”

Okay, that’s fine. A lot of people, me included, think Vick is a spectacular athlete – not good, not great, but absolutely terrifying. However, he’s just not an NFL QB. He’s simply not a very good passer (it doesn’t matter that you can throw a football through a wall if you can’t hit the wall). Of course, a lot of others (including a lot of people here, no doubt) think he’s great at the job. We can have that argument and both sides have evidence to point to. I certainly wouldn’t use the term “coach killer,” probably, but it’s a fair issue for an analyst to address, even if his son is Vick’s coach.

But the crazy moment comes when Jim Mora (Jr.) responds:

“I’m a huge Mike Vick fan. I always have been,” the coach said. “I love the guy. He’s a great player and I think he’s a better person. I don’t care what anybody says about Mike. If I was starting a franchise and I could pick one guy all-time, I would pick Mike Vick. That’s how I feel about it.”

Wait a second – he thinks Mike Vick is the number one guy all-time?! Ummmm…

  • John Unitas
  • John Elway
  • Peyton Manning
  • Dan Marino
  • Steve Young
  • Joe Montana

And those are just a few of the quarterbacks. Not only is there no rational case to be made that Vick is number one all-time, he wouldn’t be in my top five among current players at his position. And I suspect even a lot of his supporters would prefer Brady or Manning to Vick if they had the choice.

If Mora (Jr.) is simply trying to support his guy, boost his confidence, etc., that’s cool. I respect that and think it makes great sense from a management perspective. But if he actually believes that smack he needs to be locked up. And under no circumstances should he ever be allowed in the war room on draft day.



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