Gunners/Blues wrap

Chelsea 1, Arsenal 1. Post match thoughts:

  1. Lampard…open net…HOW?! HOW?! AAAAIIIIIGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  2. No, Sheva isn’t producing results. Then again, maybe if he’d get a service every once in awhile.
  3. I say this as a Chelsea fan: Drogba is the worst diver in English football. If he were any worse he’d be Portuguese. Will somebody please, please, ban him for a couple games just to send a message that intentional, cynical cheating isn’t to be tolerated?
  4. Is Joe Cole healthy? If so, why in the fuck is DaMarcus Beasley Shaun Wright-Phillips on the pitch? If not, how about Mikel? Or Kalou? Diarra? Anybody?


Congrats, United. You’re now very close to having it won…



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