The best CDs of 2005 and 2006

I figured I’ve put off my best CDs of 2005 list long enough, and major apologies to Jeffrey Dean Foster, whose stunningly brilliant Million Star Hotel deserved more timely praise from me. Here’s a bit of what I have to say in awarding the 2005 Slammy for CD of the Year, and I need to make clear that there’s not one iota of exaggeration in this comparison:

The difference between the level of success enjoyed by Foster and Springsteen is that Bruce was lucky enough to be born into the right era. MSH is every bit as great a disc, and if fate had switched the two men at birth, we might be here right now lamenting that an effort as spectacular as Born to Run was consigned to relative obscurity because the artist had the misfortune to be born too late.

Meanwhile, 2006 wasn’t a bad year, either. And again, the Slammy goes to a band that’s laboring in unforgiveable obscurity. Jets Overhead manages to infuse a latter-day take on shoegazer with a neo-psychedelic vibe that recalls 1965 Haight-Ashbury without pandering to it.

You need both records, as well as lot more from bands like VAST, Franz Ferdinand, Imogen Heap, The Strays, Electric Six, Shiny Toy Guns, Don Dixon, Gorillaz, The Streets, Garbage, Eels, Marah, Death Cab for Cutie, Depeche Mode, Paul Lewis, The Killers, She Wants Revenge, Razorlight and Goldfrapp. To name a couple.

Read all about it:

And may Santa leave at least one of these CDs in your stocking.



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