A surprising (but welcome) ally in our War on Christmas

First, check the image. “Happy Holidays,” of course, is a namby-pamby dodge for those who don’t want to acknowledge the “Christ” part of Christmas, right?

Now, click here to see the source of the greeting.

Happy Holidays, y’all.




  1. Whiners Get Their Way
    Are you aiming for irony here? If so, it’s a miss. It’s sad that political correctness is acknowledged by the GOP, don’t get me wrong. But given the number of sniveling whiners who object to the term Christmas it’s hardly surprising.

  2. Re: Whiners Get Their Way
    I think my position is pretty clear. The GOP gets kicked on this kind of thing because they make a VERY big show standing up for Jesus and promoting this ludicrous “War on Christmas” misdirection.
    Fine. That’s your stance, stand behind it. I might loathe what you represent, but you at least deprive me of the ability to slam your hypocrisy so easily.

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