God bless Alexei Lalas…

…but he’s completely lost his mind:

Lalas told BBC Radio Five Live: “I know over in England there is not a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding regarding the quality of our league.

“We have players playing with David Beckham that are as good as players he has played with or against.

“It would not surprise me if at some point in his time with the Galaxy he were to say ‘I could go back and play at the international level’.

“I think he will be pleasantly surprised with the level that is over here and a credibility will emerge when he gets over here.”

Look, MLS is a respectable league for what it is – it’s a third-tier league that produces a few players who are good enough to compete in Serie A, La Liga, the Bundesliga or the Premiership. It’s certainly as good or better than many Euro leagues, but what is that really saying?

I respect that Lalas is backing his boy, and frankly I have seen no signs that Becks is any more unfit for national duty than some of the players currently in favor over there. But if he is fit for England, it will be despite MLS, not because of it.

Alexei needs to work on his spin skills, which are currently in “deranged lawyer” territory. Good PR is always reality-based…



One thought on “God bless Alexei Lalas…

  1. The media in Britain cannot get enough of the “Posh & Becks Soap”, no doubt I shall know more about football (socc-urr?) in America than before because of this.:)
    I am not convinced he is there for his new “team”. Rather that for Victoria the team he has signed for means that their “brand” can have an operational base and stake in L.A.
    Until David Beckham’s new signing I would never have believed that a footballer and bad singer could rise still further in the monetary and fame stakes. 🙂
    Good luck to David Beckham – I’ve always liked him.

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