Theology lesson from sports talk nation

Out running errands this morning, listening to sports talk. A caller has an interesting take. He believes in God. He believes in destiny. And he knows that New Orleans is going to win the Super Bowl because they deserve it after Katrina.

So let’s deconstruct a bit, to make sure I understand the proposition here.

1: God lays a beatdown of (literally) Biblical proportions on The Big Easy. Sends the Archangel Katrina (you might remember her from the Noah story) to annihilate the city. Nard-stomps the place like it was Sodom and Gomorrah’s illegitimate gay love child. Then he blesses the city by sending its football team – just about all of who are stone-cold mercenaries who’ll be the hell outta dodge at the first sign of a better contract next season – with a Super Bowl win. This makes things shiny/happy for New Orleans. Well, you know, the parts that are still standing. I guess it’s kinda great for the hundreds of thousands who were displaced and have yet to return.

2: Or, maybe there’s an alternate theology here. Maybe God controls football, but not weather?

3: Wait. Didn’t I read somewhere that equally (perhaps more) devout believers are saying Katrina was God’s punishment on an evil city? Yes! Yes I did read that! I read it here (God retaliating for forced evacuation of Gaza – although it’s unclear how that was New Orleans’ fault), and here (N.O. lost touch with the meaning of Mardi Gras), and here (the city needed “cleansing” for all kinds of reasons – take your pick from sin and vice, police and government corruption, etc.), and all kinds of other places, too. So either God is lying to somebody, or he’s messing with our heads, or he’s confused, or he cares more about football than human tragedy, or I don’t know. The Lord works in Mysterious Ways®.

Oh well. Even though we may not understand it all, we have to respect people’s faith, I guess.



4 thoughts on “Theology lesson from sports talk nation

  1. Oh, but can’t you see just plain as day that winning the Super Bowl would completely make up for all the loss and destruction caused by the hurricane? If the Saints win, then the tens of millions of people affected by Katrina will all surely feel better about the whole darn mess.

  2. I’ve got to say I’m a little disapointed in you. Clearly, the hurricane drove out all the evil from New Orleans. Now that the city is all good and pure, God is rewarding His faithful servants with a Super Bowl win. D’uh. You don’t need to be a prophet to figure that one out.
    The Samini photo continues to frighten me.

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