Contest: write the best “elevator pitch” answer for this woman’s children

Anybody own a piece of Entercom Sacramento? You really – and I mean really – need to sell. I’m thinking if a wardrobe malfunction gets you a brazilian-dollar fine from the FCC, actually killing somebody has to merit at least a sternly worded warning not to do it again.

Woman Dies After Water-Drinking Radio Contest
January 15, 2007

A 28-year-old mother of three died from water intoxication after taking part in a water-drinking contest for KDND (The End)/Sacramento on Friday. The contest, Hold Your Wee for a Wii, involved drinking as much water as you could without going to the bathroom in order to win the much-coveted Nintendo Wii video game console. Contestant Jennifer Lea Strange died after drinking well over a half gallon of water during the Morning Rave program, said the Sacramento Bee. (Story.)

Your challenge is this. Strange leaves behind three (undoubtedly confused) children who, for the rest of their lives, will have to explain how Mommy died. Please write a brief explanation that they can use. Caveat: You may not use the term “Darwin Award” in your elevator pitch.

Winner gets a Wii to wee.



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