Talk radio civics lesson

We should all listen to more talk radio. It’s just amazing the things you learn.

Like the other day, as I was driving through Nashville, and some AM-dial harpy was explaining how things were and ought to be to her listeners. She didn’t actually use the words “Democrats are the minions of Satan” (at least not while I was listening), but the implication was pretty clear. One of those.

The burr under her saddle at the moment was the Iraq war, where Congress is apparently poking their noses in where they have no business. And she said – paraphrasing as best I can here – that Congress needs to step off, because making war is the job of the President, not Congress.

Foolish me. Like literally dozens of Americans, I had been misled by the actual Constitution, which spells these things out in Article 1, Section 8. I’m beginning to suspect that Constitution was written by Liberals.

New rule: you can’t get on the radio and tell people what the Constitution says if you haven’t read what the Constitution says…



8 thoughts on “Talk radio civics lesson

  1. Well, Claus 11 is “declare”. 12, 13, and 16 are “provide”. 14 is “make rules for.” 16 is also about approving officers.
    But article 1, section 2 is pretty clear about who runs the show once war is declared, the funds are made available, and the architecture is in place.
    Of course, there’s a ton of wiggle room in all of that. That’s why we have the judicial side of things. 🙂

  2. If I grasped the host’s “thinking,” then the whole “provide funds for” thing is an issue. She would seem to be suggesting that Congress was at fault for “meddling” in their discussions over not funding Dubya’s little adventure.
    I don’t want to put words in her mouth. They might accidentally be intelligent ones and she could suffer some kind of adverse reaction. But when somebody is so ignorant that they can’t make an argument intelligently on their own, you inevitably find yourself have to reverse engineer things for them so you can figure out where they think they’re going.
    An imperfect science, I admit….

  3. I think this question is part of the “wiggle room.” the constitution doesn’t say “fund the military only if you agree with the war.” for the most part, it just says, “fund it.” As far as I know, there’s no way to undeclare a war. All they can do is ratify a treaty.
    But Article 1, section 8, claus 16 also says something about “providing funds for governing…”. I think that’s where the conflict is coming into play. You could argue several sides for that, I guess.

  4. My understanding was that Congress could repeal a resolution as well. Apparently that’s what happened with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and “officially” ended the Vietnam “War.”
    “Police actions” vs. “war.” I have one word to describe the whole thing.

  5. New rule: you can’t get on the radio and tell people what the Constitution says if you haven’t read what the Constitution says…
    …aaand that’s why the US is hosed. The Grand Experiment has failed. Democracy in the United States of America is dead. What remains is only a cargo-cult-democracy.

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