“The Wisdom of Rat”

Seeker Rat climb
Trash Mountain.
Say to
Guru Rat:

my line o’ work,
got to know the man
I’m dealin’.
How I gonna know the man?

Guru Rat stare out over
Trash City.
Say to
Seeker Rat:

all there is to know
about the man
is what he throw out.


5 thoughts on ““The Wisdom of Rat”

  1. Frankly, I lean toward the explanation in the previous thread: the spooks are planning to use your discarded receipts and coffee grounds and unshredded credit card solicitations to prove you’re part of a vast international conspiracy to overthrow democracy as we know it. And you aren’t even Jewish! (I’ll let you know when and if you’re ever eligible to join our conspiracy.)
    Actually, the much more likely explanation is that an overeager or inexperienced trash handler accidentally threw the whole thing in the back of the truck and couldn’t retrieve it before it got crushed.

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