What’s good for the Democrats and what ain’t?

So it’s been decided – the main event at DemoMania in 2008 will be a falls-count-anywhere US Title match between Barack “The Nature Boy” Obama and the Billion-Dollar Man, Hillary Clinton. Now, granted, the match will have been decided well before then – it may even be settled by the time Iowa Slam is over.

It’s good to know these things. But, seriously, are the Dems (or America, for that matter) really served by the scenario that’s shaping up? (For those of you new to the world of freelance editorialization, that’s what us old-timers call a “rhetorical question.”)

For my part, I’m disturbed. Troubled. Deeply. And I’m not even a Democrat. Hillary is going to be a trainwreck, I fear – even if she managed to win, her presidency would be one of the most polarizing things to happen to the nation since George Dumbya Bush. I also have serious questions about her policy savvy (see Auto, Grand Theft and War, It was Bush’s fault I was dumb enough to vote for the Iraq). I find myself wondering if there’s anything she really believes in – is there anything she won’t do for a few more votes?

And Obama? Well, he’s young and charismatic and seems to hold the right opinions on many issues. But I find myself worrying that he’s our new Kennedy – in the end, lots of style but a lot less substance than we thought we were getting.

Meanwhile, a guy who I think is better on all counts is out there trying to get everybody’s attention. John Edwards has all the charisma and electability of Obama and he’s more honest, I believe, than Hillary. He’s been pretty up-front in saying “hey, I fucked up on the war,” and he’s making a point of putting that kind of honesty and accountability in the forefront of his campaign so far.

The worst part is that Mark Warner, the best of all possible candidates, seems to be serious about sitting it out. Why? Money? Honestly doesn’t want any part of it? What?

At this stage, I’m watching last night’s Oscars and am just about convinced that if Hil and Obama have Edwards boxed out, I really might prefer – okay, grit teeth and just say it – Al Gore to either of them. He has an issue – a real issue – and he seems to be figuring out how to give the issue some life. We seem to be easing past the point where the word “environment” is seen as purely partisan liberal Satanic propaganda language, and a candidate who can make it relevant has a chance not only to win, but also to untrack the insanely stupid “liberal”/”conservative” division we’ve talked ourselves into in the last couple decades. And I’d be all for that.

This is important, because right now the GOP has nothing – nothing – that I’d see as remotely viable for the White House. I keep hoping that will change, but I think I’m out of luck there.

Please, tell me what I’m missing….



8 thoughts on “What’s good for the Democrats and what ain’t?

  1. Good observation.
    As a Republican, I’m not too happy with our choices, either. There’s nobody in our field that intrigues me. McCain and Powell are too old(older than Reagan was)……I like Condi Rice, but she says that she won’t run.
    I’m sure that the next election will go Democrat by default….We’ll see.

  2. Ghosts of prophecy tapping your shoulder…
    Do you perhaps recall a prediction I made? that the whitehouse is going to a democrat in 2008.. and its a trap.. whoever gets it will be left with the worst of the Iraqi debacle … the withdrawl and some possible disasters as well to be blamed for in addition to the consequences of the withdrawl which are guarenteed to be both ghostly for them and humiliating to us and very much damaging to US interests and middle east peace/stability…
    and also likely the ‘calling due’ on the national credit card.
    tell me somewhere there arent rebublican strategists rubbing their hands in GLEE at the thought of dumping that kind of blame on Hillary CLinton and planning their 2012 run based on the ‘failures’ of the party in power (democrats) in 2008-2012
    the next election is almost inconsequential because theres NO WAY to miss that iceberg we are aimed at… the election that matters is 2012.
    Its going to take a third party.. its going to be thier big break, and they’d better be ready for it.

  3. I’d like to learn anything about any candidate other than Hilary or Obama. Biden? Richardson? The only thing the press has mentioned about Romney is that he’s a Mormon.
    Are you concerned that the campaigning has begun already? Shouldn’t these people be, you know, governing? This will be the first presidential election that I’m aware enough to follow closely (I was freshly 18 back in 2004), but this strikes me as awfully early to begin a campaign.

  4. I like how the Brits do it. Campaign begins a few hours before the election. Or something like that.
    Given how little these nitwads have to say and how little processing capacity the electorate has demonstrated in recent years, 15 minutes ought to be aplenty.

  5. The 800 pound gorilla
    I’m just gonna say it. If the choice for President comes down to a woman and a black man, or the white man the GOP throw up there, the country is going to go with the white man/Republican. I’m sorry, I just don’t see either one being elected over a white guy. Especially not in any state that doesn’t end in “fornia” or “York”. Personally, I’d vote for Obama. I consider myself a Democrat but mainly because the Republicans have their ass so far up the Religious Right’s ass they can smell brimstone. So call me a moderate republican in favor of gay rights, stem cell research, and a woman’s right to an abortion. On the flip side, I ABHOR Hilary Clinton, am a fierce defender of free speech in all it’s forms, and I’d love for taxes to go down and some sort of order be brought out of the chaos at our borders. That being said, Hilary Clinton will not win the presidency. Polarizing is one thing, she’s goddamn kryptonite to the Dems. As I said, I like Obama, but the Dems need control of the Executive branch and I simply don’t see the remnants of the Greatest Generation (or hell, even the Boomers) voting a black man into office. We need them to die off before that will happen and Gen X and Y can overpower the Boomer’s lingering racism. Now if the GOP has the balls to put up Condi against Obama, THAT would make a great race. Don’t even give the voters a white choice, how great would that be? Well, I can dream. Hell, maybe I’m wrong. Then again, Ghost Rider opened with $50M. The lesson is simple; Americans are dumb.

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