Here’s one for your wish list

You know, if you’re this desperate for money, couldn’t you at least resort to something a little more respectable, like prostitution or peddling crack to toddlers?

UPDATE: Go back to the page and have a look at the “Customers who bought items like this also bought” section.

Yeah, I have no idea…


11 thoughts on “Here’s one for your wish list

  1. lol.
    one reviewer seems to have their priorities “right” *smirk*
    1 star Gimme a break!!!, June 20, 2006
    Reviewer: J. Foster “A REAL Celine Fan” (OK, USA) – See all my reviews
    How can you possibly be a Celine fan and say that ‘this is how these songs should have been done? Ick. Just ick. I STILL am having trouble getting this out of my head, I’m considering therapy.
    tho i think i detect a wee dose of sarcasm in this one. pity it jacked the average rating to 2 stars, heh
    This cd will take you an audio adventure the likes have never been experienced before. These songs are stripped back into little more than a few midi samples and 3 guys with too much reverb on their voices but the pure emotion that comes through is breath taking. THIS is the way these songs should have been done. More emo than Rites of Spring, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Boyzone combined. And on top of all that, it is always worth it to hear a bunch of guys singing about falling in love with other guys.

  2. Ahahahahahah … dammit, that’s funny. Loved by criminals, and the people who love criminals. Makes the years behind bars seem, somehow … longer?

  3. You ask me, Gregorian chants covers of Celine Dion tunes is a serious violation of the 8th Amendment. At any rate, certainly it’s punishment enough….

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