Somebody in West Bygod gets it

So much badvertising in the world. I feel like I ought to give people credit when they get it right. As the folks with West Virginia Tourism have clearly done.


8 thoughts on “Somebody in West Bygod gets it

  1. I like the ad campaign.
    I just wish the State of Florida copy that ad, but literally mean it……go somewhere else. I hope the campaign in West Virginia works….that beautiful state could use the tourism dollars. I’d gladly send 50% of the tourists that come to Florida to West Virginia.

  2. If it weren’t for all of the snowbirds, migrating yankees and tourists, we’d still be the sleepy southern state of my youth. I’ll take the the sleepy state of my youth anytime. My dad said that the taxes were much lower as a percentage of income way back then. Of course, there weren’t too many costly social programs.

  3. You have clearly failed to grasp that Florida isn’t a place to live. It’s a place to visit and retire to.
    I’d have thought they’d have put an item in the cracker newsletter or something.

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