Sad Kermit

I’ve been laying at my computer crying with laughter for the past few minutes. It started yesterday with the Sad Kermit video spoofing Johnny Cash’s interpretation of NIN’s “Hurt,” which is maybe the most sublimely funny, twisted things in the history of YouTube.

Today I realized there’s a Sad Kermit MySpace page. And there, in addition to the audio and video of “Hurt” you can hear:

  • “Rainbow Disconnection,” a sort of suicidal reimagining of the Kermit classic
  • A cover of Radiohead’s “Creep,” which nearly caused me to fall out of my chair
  • And a take on NIN’s “Something I Can Never Have” that would keep Tom Waits up at night

Whoever the sick bastards are behind this project, I hope they get help.

And if they’re taking requests, I’d love to hear what they can do with “I Touch Myself.”


9 thoughts on “Sad Kermit

  1. Hurt
    Not previously aware of the song ‘Hurt’ in any form I watched Sad Kermit’s, Cash’s and NIN’s versions in that order. By the time I got around to Trent I was asking myself “who is this third rate poseur to think he can successsfully cover/rip-off someone else’s material?” To me, Kermit now owns ‘Hurt’.

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