Celebrity Deathmatch: Bill vs. Jerry

Holy shizzle. I never ever thought this was even remotely possible, but for 2:16 I respected Geraldo Rivera.

In case you missed it, an illegal immigrant recently got drunk, got behind the wheel and killed a white girl in Virginia Beach. O’Reilly, predictably, tried to make it all about our Dirty Mexican Problem. But then, Jerry crawled up in his grille!

The ensuing shouting match is a marvel to behold – O’Reilly nearly has an aneurysm and Rivera makes you wonder what might have been.

Backstory, video and repeated bitchslapping over at Firedoglake.

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Deathmatch: Bill vs. Jerry

  1. Holy ker-f**k
    The way I see it, O’Reilly kept interrupting Riviera and escalating the decibels because he realized he was getting his ass handed to him. He is the most ill-mannered TV “host” I have ever seen (not that manners count for much anymore).
    Thanks for passing this along.

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