The Gonzo Chronicles: Disorder in the (upper) house

Some of this is killing me. Special thanks to the kind gentleman who pulled it all together and sent it along via e-mail.

So, let’s start with Dubya, who’s loving him some Gonzo.

“President Bush was pleased with the Attorney General’s testimony today. After hours of testimony in which he answered all of the Senators’ questions and provided thousands of pages of documents, he again showed that nothing improper occurred. He admitted the matter could have been handled much better, and he apologized for the disruption to the lives of the U.S. Attorneys involved, as well as for the lack of clarity in his initial responses.” (Press Release, 4/19/07)

However, GOP Senators and right-wing commentators loved Gonzales … less (boldface comments are things that made me laugh even harder than I was already laughing): (More.)

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