Pope revises ‘Limbo’ for babies

This is really good if you’re God and can’t figure these kinds of things out. You have the Church to explain it to you.


4 thoughts on “Pope revises ‘Limbo’ for babies

  1. Those babies don’t deserve to be with God because they chose not to get baptized. They chose to die instead. I’m sure that righteously pissed the Almighty off.
    I was at a funeral today in a Catholic church, and before communion the priest announced that people who weren’t Catholic couldn’t take communion, but if they wanted to, they could shuffle to the altar, cross their arms over their chests and receive a blessing instead. I say a time of grief is a perfect time to perpetuate a spiritual caste system.
    ANOTHER caste system, I should say. Women, after all, aren’t worthy to be priests.
    I was raised Catholic, and as a little boy I wanted to believe in God, but these (expletive deleted) drove me away. It took me a long time to realize that my faith was not dependent on the blessing of the Catholic church. But they did a damned good job telling me what a flawed spiritual being I was. Pure evil, to hear them tell it. After all, I never heard anything about being a good person, too. But that’s a minor gripe, because that kind of stuff makes no impression at all on little kids. None at all.
    I’m so angry that I’d better quit typing before I break the keyboard.

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