Introducing Scholars & Rogues

If you’ve been watching this space over the last week you’ve perhaps noticed that there’s a new shop open on your Internets. We’ve been working to build some content in advance of the official grand opening, and that happened this morning. Yay!

Scholars & Rogues is a team effort involving – well, since most of us aren’t widely known, I guess you’d call us “emerging voices.” We’re a collection of alt media types, traditional media vets, entrepreneurs, technologists and academics. It’s less a news desk than an editorial review staff, I guess – several of our writers cover the hard side of politics, but others are more focused on society, culture and meaning making.

The Scholars & Rogues team includes some folks you may know and a few you probably don’t. Not yet, anyway. But you will:

  • Mike Sheehan: Assistant Editor,; Blogger,; Dreamer, drinker, jovial bastard.
  • Sam Smith: Mobility services entrepreneur and marketing consultant, former communications professor, and founder of one of the first 2,000 sites on the Web; focuses on politics, education, business and corporate social responsibility, art, music and popular culture.
  • Brian Angliss: Electrical engineer with a telecommunications and aerospace background. Focuses on technology and science, their social impacts and implications, as well as international policy.
  • Rori Black: IT pro, technical writer with a background in network security; emphasis on religion, women’s issues, 2nd amendment, privacy and government oversight.
  • Jim Booth: Former touring rock musician (are we getting the band back together? – maybe…); critically admired novelist; university English professor; writing focuses on education and the arts….
  • Martin Bosworth: Internet consultant and writer, focused on technology, privacy rights, culture, information security, media concepts, and the points at which all of these issues intersect.
  • Gavin Chait: A development economist and strategist at Whythawk Ratings, which promotes investment into “Bottom of the Pyramid” economies; based in Cape Town, South Africa. Interested in the philosophy of entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and the strategic art of leading change.
  • Nick Langewis: Reclusive, uneducated accounting clerk, web editor and unpaid humorist. Self-teaching student of human psychology. Chronic observer of people and things. Hexagonal peg. Capricorn.
  • Edmundo Rocha: Local community development specialist, grant writer and program evaluator specializing in outcome assessment for non-profit organizations. As a political activist, he currently focuses on Latino politics, social justice, international affairs, public policy and humanitarianism.
  • Robert Silvey: Blogger at Rubicon, former university instructor, radio programmer, statistical demographer, documentation pro. Writes about politics, science, and the arts.
  • Pat Vecchio: Teaches writing and journalism to college students. An admitted words-and-punctuation-marks nerd. Writes about whatever the muses point him toward. Neither a scholar nor a rogue. “A little older, a little more confused.”
  • Denny Wilkins (Dr. Denny): A former 20-year newsroom veteran, now teaches journalism at a small private university in the northeastern US. Focuses on issues relating to journalism, journalism education, politics and economics of the press and the occasional annoying screed about politics, campaign finance reform and economics.

We invite you to stop by when you get a couple of minutes.



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