Of Virginia Tech and video games: will somebody please do the math?

Video games killed those kids at Virginia Tech!!! So said self-credentialed media scholar Jack Thompson, whose uninformed hissy fit commenced roughly eight seconds after the shooting ended. Of course, FAUX News was happy to hand him a mic and point a camera at him.

If only they’d taught math at Jack Thompson’s school. (More…)

:xposted Scholars & Rogues:


One comment

  1. I’m a student of Chris’s and came across this entry on LJ, and I just wanted to share my disgust. As a female video gamer who probably knows more about Counter-Strike than Jack Thompson (and I don’t even play it), I’d have to say blaming video games is the cheapest and dumbest way of explaining away a mass murderer. What about movies like Hostel and Texas Chainsaw Massacre? What about the thousands of TV shows that depict murder and weaponry use? That’s far more realistic than any video game, but no one is jumping down Quentin Tarantino’s throat.

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