The majesty of rock

One of the reasons our mission here at S&R is as broad as it is – our writers address cultural forms like literature and popular music as well as the hardball political issues that directly shape our public lives – emerges in part from my own feeling that too much politics is tough on the soul. It’s necessary, of course, and eminently worthy, but even the good fight leaves an essential part of me hollow. Dry. Barren. So I seek balance between mind and spirit and try to seduce those around me into doing the same.

I’ve been doing a lot of ranting lately about politics and policy, so the part of me that’s been edging toward empty was feeling tremendous anticipation for last night’s Boulder tour stop by VAST. (More…)

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7 thoughts on “The majesty of rock

  1. The only thing I didn’t like about the show was that they didn’t do “Please Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me.” One of my favorite songs.

  2. 3 things:
    1: Wow – what is this from?
    2: GE Smith’s grandson called and says he wants his haircut back.
    3: How the hell did they manage to get this thing done without Elvis Costello finding out and showing up?

  3. Well, I read the lyrics but there is no video or a sample link to enable me to listen to it…
    “Pretty When You Cry” I also enjoyed in spite of the fact that it had the F word in it which I always think spoils a track. As the video is so good I bleeped it out tho’.

  4. I don’t know what concert it’s from, except that it’s a tribute to Dylan….I think.
    I would have loved Elvis Costello to show up…I have a thing for his songs.
    That video kind of blew me away….so much real talent on one stage, at one time. I personally don’t know if I could attend a live concert with all of those guys together, as I’d probably get very, very emotional.

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