Thimerosal question back in the news: will special hearing move us closer to understanding causes of

It looks like the Thimerosal debate is about to bubble back up, thanks to a US Court of Federal Claims hearing that’s getting under way in DC. Autism now occurs in more than 1 of every 150 births, and the fact that the son of one of my best friends is high-functioning autistic I suppose brings it a step or two closer to home. (Another friend’s brother has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is also an autistic spectrum disorder.)

The thimerosal controversy represents, as the story linked above indicates, an odd clash between science and concerned citizens. (More…)



  1. Scientists arent always that sceintific.
    Having studied a lot of history I’m always mindful of the fact that the guys who claimed the balance of the four humors governed bodily health all had doctorates from the best universities of the time.
    In this case ‘no scientific connection’ probably translates to ‘scientists can not imagine or find a biological mechanism by which what you’re saying can be true’…
    which MIGHT be more comforting if they really knew what autism IS and how it occurs.
    strangely.. REAL science starts exactly where the parents are.. observing what ACTUALLY happens and THEN trying to figure out how and I’m always amazed how often the scientific community turns their backs on the obvious because they cant come up with a theory to fit it it.

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