Tax Justice Network article on Bono: legit indictment or cynical hit job?

An organization calling itself “Tax Justice Network USA” has launched a rather nasty shot at U2 front man Bono (Paul Hewsom), calling him a “draft dodger.” I’m all for tax fairness – whatever that may be – but this has the look, smell and texture of a hit job, and if I take what they’re telling me at face value, you’re a draft dodger, too, if you work to claim every deduction and break legally available to you.

But let’s examine the article a bit, because there are questions I need answered:

1. Is Bono breaking any laws or is he merely taking best advantage of the laws as they’re currently constructed? (More…)


One comment

  1. oh … another music suggestion. I haven’t heard it yet, but Recoil’s new disc Sub/Human will be coming out in a couple weeks. I’m sure that will be fantastic like his discs always are.

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