Obama campaign first to launch mobile, first to screw it up

I’ve been yarping for months that no political campaign had yet launched mobile. There’s this massive youth generation that’s setting records for political and community activity, the mobile phone is one of their favorite things in the world, and all these politicians and their high-priced communications groups are doing … nada. I’ve talked to some of them, too.

  • “We’re working on it.”
  • “Yeah, thanks, I’ll pass your name on.”
  • “Sounds great – here’s a list of 30 people you might try.”
  • “Ummm, I have no idea who would be in charge of that.”

Well, finally this week the Obama campaign became the first to launch a mobile marketing campaign.

By signing up, you can expect periodic updates from the campaign as well as advance notice about local Obama events and important updates about Barack’s public appearances.

I signed up immediately, and if I remember correctly I think you could also get a free bumper sticker, although that part seems to be gone now. (More…)

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