How the macro-succession crisis is going to hit the entrepreneurial sector

I’ve written recently about some generational issues facing companies – most notably the “macro-succession crisis” that I suspect very few corporations have even thought about in meaningful detail. In that post I examine how the coming Baby Boomer retirement explosion is going to engender all kinds of crisis, especially in larger legacy corporations that are so top-heavy with Boomer leaders that their Gen X successors are ill-prepared for the transition that must begin taking place in the next five years.

But if you’re a different kind of company – say an entrepreneurial outfit started and run by front-edge Xers (people now in their early to mid-40s) – you’re in good shape, right? You aren’t facing a retirement wave. You aren’t facing the need for a painful adjustment from Boomer-style leadership to the far different style of Xer execs. And this means there’s going to be no leadership vacuum at the top sucking everybody higher in the organization and creating trainwrecks at the Xer-to-Millennial lower management level, either. Life is good

Except that you’re wrong – the macro-succession crisis is coming for you, too. A hypothetical case study illustrates how. (More…)


2 thoughts on “How the macro-succession crisis is going to hit the entrepreneurial sector

  1. Re: Fascinating.
    Of course, think about the cost structure implications of migrating everything back in-house? The reason you have vendors instead of employees is because it’s a LOT cheaper that way.

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