The 7th Sign: RoUSes jump ship, throw Bush under speeding bus fleeing Iraq debacle

We’ve seen a slow trickle of ship-jumping (or jump-related rhetoric) in recent days as a variety of GOP rats have come to understand that President George Walker Bush now stands as the biggest obstacle they face in Campaign 2008.

But Sweet Fancy Moses, this morning’s news features a couple of Rats of Unusual Size (RoUS) swashbuckling off the Black Pearl like Captain Jack Sparrow, grabbing the President around the neck in mid-swoop and flinging him headlong under the nearest exploding hillbilly-armored Hummer in sight. (*ahem* Sorry about that bit – I’m a bit caught up in the excitement of Summer Adventure Movie Mania.)

First up, Bill O’Reilly, saying a number of really unprecedented things. (More…)


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