Happy Birthday, Hunter…

Today would have been Hunter Thompson’s 70th birthday (July 18, 1937 – February 20, 2005), and I thought it appropriate to honor the memory of a journalist who was such an incredible influence me.

I originally wrote this piece when he died, and since I think it addresses a number of issues that are as important today as they ever were, I’ve chosen to offer it up for reflection.

Happy Birthday, Hunter, wherever you are…

HST: a champion for social justice cashes his check


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Hunter…

  1. Oh, HST. How I miss thee. Seriously, his political ramblings were so often spot on. I can only wonder what he would have to say about the upcoming election.
    Yesterday, I wore a shirt with this quote on it in memorium:
    “When the going gets weird,
    the weird turn pro.”
    Selah, you crazy bastard.

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