Verizon Wireless gets it right!

And now, for a happy story. I bitch so much about how people get it wrong that it’s always great when a company gets it right. (More…)


4 thoughts on “Verizon Wireless gets it right!

  1. I wonder, though, if that’s a local phenomenon. I’d talked briefly with some Verizon people here about a lower-cost option when I thought I was going to have to buy my dad a cell phone to get him to get one. (Since then, he’s done so on his own.) I explained what I thought I wanted and the Verizon rep simply said no, they couldn’t help me. No exploration of anything … just no. That’s one of several reasons I’m not currently with Verizon.
    I may be back to take another look in the semi-near future. My contract with Cellular One ends early next year and I’m a little nervous about what it will mean to have AT&T buying Cell One. But it would help if Verizon (and others) did all over what they are clearly doing near you.

  2. Sometimes what you get can vary from store to store, so maybe look on the other side of town and see if you have any luck. But avoid AT&T like you would the plague.

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