The next Springsteen?

He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus
But he talks like a gentleman
Like you imagined
When you were young

2003 and 2004 brought us the front edge what I’ve come to call the Nu Wave – a new wave of New Wave, Post-Punk and Technopop-influenced bands. For a guy like me, who hit college in the late ’70s and has the music of the ’80s forever insinuated into the soundtrack of my life, it’s been wonderful to hear all these new bands working that particular audial terrain.

Of course, when you get a new wave of anything musical (especially when the scene owes so much to a specific influence) you’re going to get plenty of rubber stampers who are more about imitation than innovation. (More…)


3 thoughts on “The next Springsteen?

  1. I *love* the Killers. A guy I know saw them a couple of months ago in Miami. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to obtain a ticket, plus it’s across the state from me and I had an important meeting the next day. My friend said they were incredible. I hope they play her in SW Florida. They’re constantly playing in my car. Even my husband who listens to disco (grumble) thinks they’re great and that’s saying a lot!

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