The selfish time traveler

Let’s play a little game, just for fun. You have a time machine, a magic wand, a genie or a fairy godmother. And you can go back to any one moment in history to experience an event or perhaps meet a famous (or not so famous) person. Whatever. It has to be selfish – it can’t be about changing history or saving the world or killing Hitler when he was a baby. It has to be something you’d simply have loved to have been around for.

What would you do? (More…)


3 thoughts on “The selfish time traveler

  1. I would do any of the following:
    – Meet Elizabeth I (and/or Shakespeare); Leonardo da Vinci; Monet; or Marco Polo
    – Visit (and photograph) the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair
    – See the launch of the Titanic
    – Experience the Vatican (as we know it) being built (and maybe meet Michelangelo?). After reading Pillars of the Earth, I’d love to see a cathedral work site before modern building capability.
    – Seeing America before Europeans showed up, especially areas like San Francisco or NYC or Boston that are complete concrete cities today

  2. I love these, although I think I’d rather see the sinking of the Titanic than its launch.
    Would you be willing to xpost this response over at S&R? This is the kind of reflection I think those readers would appreciate, too.

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