DS08 iz in ur Scrogz

Hi. I’m Sam Smith, and I’d like your vote.

In January I launched Dr. Slammy in 2008, my doomed campaign for president. Then a few months later, forgetting that there are only 24 hours in a day, I got myself embroiled in this Scholars & Rogues project. Something had to give, and as a result I let the DS08 initiative slide.

As the presidential campaign has hotted up, though, it’s become clearer and clearer that America needs a candidate who’s willing to approach our problems with some genuinely new perspective. Candidates from both major parties are having a hard time differentiating themselves, and for good reason: there’s just not much difference between them.

So, since I think the ideas represented by DS08 are important, and since I don’t have time to sustain two separate blog efforts, I’m hereby making S&R home base for all future DS08 activities. (More…)


2 thoughts on “DS08 iz in ur Scrogz

  1. I’ll still vote for you.
    Every time I’ve tried to respond to one of your entries at S&R over the past two or three days, when I click my cursor in the response field it acts as a link that takes me to the voting page for the blogger of the year awards. Not that I’d mind voting for you there, but I can’t leave any comments.

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