Super Bowl provides us with an important teachable moment

I really have mixed feelings about the outcome of yesterday’s Super Bowl. It was a fantastic game, no matter who you were rooting for, and that’s always nice. Historically a lot of Super Bowls have been yawners.

I wasn’t really pulling for the Giants so much as I was against the Patriots, and that was tough for me, too. See, when you look at how New England does things, they really get a lot right. No prima donnas. We, not me. Brains and teamwork trump individual athleticism. Etc. In essence, they have won by repudiating everything that’s wrong about sports in this day and age. They’re the San Antonio Spurs of the NFL.

As an old-school guy who was raised by an even older-school grandfather, this matters to me. He was one of those guys who grew up through the Depression and who actually did walk six miles to school each day. People who knew him way back when thought that in a different day and age he might have been good enough to make it to the bigs in baseball, but the hard realities of life intervened.(More…)


One thought on “Super Bowl provides us with an important teachable moment

  1. I find it depressing that the Patriots won 18 weeks in a row and everyone is now dancing on their grave. It’s something about America where you want a person or team to succeed, but if you go to far and have too much success, you must be brought down in the ugliest way possible. The Patriots have broken all sorts of records this season, but everyone was cheering for them to fail at the end.
    Also, after everything they done this season, everyone points to the spying scandal. Yeah, that was cheating… and because most other NFL teams also do it still does not make it right. Still that happened in week one. The Patriots went one to win another 17 games with everyone closely watching so that there would be no wrong doing. Everyone seems bitter that it was the Patriots who went into the record book and not their team.
    And… the 1972 Dolphins ought to shut their mouths and act with more class.

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