Buster Keaton, Johnny Depp: genius across the decades…

Last night my wife and I rented the Buster Keaton classic Steamboat Bill, Jr. She’d never seen anything by Keaton, but has heard me (and fellow Scrogue Jim Booth) talk about his particular genius.

One of the most remarkable talents America has ever produced, Keaton was an insanely gifted physical comedian who was able to communicate tremendous nuance even within the confines of the silent genre. A lot of actors through the years have gotten pretty accomplished at “deadpan,” but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anybody who could match Keaton’s mastery of the stoneface. It’s amazing how much he can convey with seemingly zero expression.

He was also a pretty remarkable athlete. (More…)

One thought on “Buster Keaton, Johnny Depp: genius across the decades…

  1. Keaton/Depp genius
    I just wanted to say thank you for the post about these 2 wonderful actors. I would love to see Mr. Depp do a silent film a la Keaton. I also agree that Mr. Depp is long overdue for an Oscar and felt that his performance in Sweeney Todd was the best performance of the year—yes, even better than DDLewis. I could picture Depp doing Lewis’ role—-I can’t picture DDLewis singing/slashing and emoting his way through STodd like Depp.

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