Don’t mourn Jesse’s death – mourn that his legacy lives

On his outstanding Prodigal Son CD, North Carolina folk and blugrass legend Mike Cross presents us with a high-stepping little ditty called “Bill is in His Grave.” Bill, it turns out, was a scoundrel of the first order, and he’d been recently deceased.

The narrator is asked to say a few words at the funeral, a task that proves daunting for a man who’d rather not speak ill of the dead.

He finally manages this:

If Heaven is pleased when sinners cease to sin
If the Devil is pleased when another soul comes in
If the Earth is pleased to be rid of a knave
Then everybody’s happy ’cause Bill is in his grave.



One comment

  1. As always….
    “…and that edict goes double when the subject is freshly dead” — nice, very nice!
    I do so enjoy reading your fascinatingly articulate thoughts on such myriad topics — there’s just something about the way you do what you do. I know, I know – you ARE a writer – but it’s always good to know that people enjoy reading!

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