Welcome to the Hotel California Colorado

My first crack at antique tungsten lighting. There remains much to learn.

Shoeshine - Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Hotel California Colorado

  1. I rent, which means I can’t paint the walls. Which sucks. It would be more colorful if I had the choice.

    Still, one might observe that I love color without saying that my use of it is especially good. I hope to go back to the Hotel Colorado someday to see if I can get it right, because I really didn’t quite nail it here. The actual light was warmer…..

  2. Forget about the tungsten issue. It’s an excellent image. The reflection in the mirror makes it, of course. (But it is missing the ghostly twins in blue dresses…)

  3. I keep looking at this pair of images (this one and the long hallway) and I want a story. If you go back to shoot that location again – perhaps bring a single blue ladies pump and a silk scarf. Put them on that shoe shine chair. Where did she go? What happened during that shoe shine? Is she like Cinderella or is it something more smoldering than that – it is a hotel. Why not. 🙂

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