Tom Yulsman

I am co-director of the Center for Environmental Journalism, an associate professor at the University of Colorado, and a faculty member in CU’s Environmental Studies Program. I keep a career as a science journalist going by covering the Earth and environmental sciences, astronomy and astrophysics for magazines and newspapers.

My work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Audubon, Climate Central, The Daily Climate, Columbia Journalism Review, Nieman Reports, and many other publications. My book, Origins: The Quest for our Cosmic Roots, was published in 2003. Before joining the University of Colorado in 1996, I was editor-in-chief of Earth magazine.

As a photographer, I work in both film and digital formats. Straight landscape photography has long been one of my primary photographic passions. The approach is one that Minor White once described as “extension of vision,” with minimal modification of the image after it has been captured. But recently I’ve been experimenting with using images as captured by the camera not as the final product but as the starting point for further visual exploration. The results are sometimes silly. But it’s a blast nonetheless.


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